Are you struggling with business debt?

We work exclusively on commercial debt (not consumer debt) Professionally trained negotiators are assigned to each account. Clients have a personal account manager throughout the process, not a call center.
Business debt settlement experts.

      CCS Partnership

Corporate Client Services is committed to, and firmly believes that our partnership with Frontline Legal Plan is what sets us apart from all other debt restructuring organizations.  Frontline’s Legal Plan serves our clients business debt needs in the event a lawsuit or judgement is filed, defending our clients with unmatched care and quality of service. Our non-attorney negotiators, each whom have a minimum of 5 years of experience negotiating business debt, work tirelessly to obtain the best settlement possible in all non-litigated cases.           

We are not attorneys and therefore are not licensed to give legal advice.  However, with the huge number of lawsuits, costs of litigation, and overcrowded court dockets, small to medium size businesses need a reasonably priced and obtainable systematic method of solving debt problems. It is extremely costly, time consuming and stressful to hire attorneys.

Business owners are likely to ignore lawsuits which results in the filing of a default judgment.  Our partnership with Frontline can help prevent a default judgment for our clients.